Supply Pot Bearing: Jangkrik Complex Project – FPU

Description Jangkrik Field (also abbreviated as JKK) is a gas discovery made in March 2009. To date, three exploration wells (Jangkrik-1, Jangkrik-2 and Jangkrik-3) have been drilled. The selected concept is based on a subsea development with seven wells, full treatment facilities on a spread moored FPU and export line to shore at Sapi landfall.

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Jakarta Light Rail Transit

Description The Jakarta Light Rail Transit (Jakarta LRT) is a light rail transit system that currently is under construction in Jakarta – Indonesia. The light rail transit system is planned to connect Jakarta city centre with suburbans in Greater Jakarta such as Bekasi and Bogor. A ground-breaking ceremony was held on September 9, 2015, with

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WASKITA Plant Karawang

Description Precast plant of Waskita built a new plant in East Karawang, West Java. This precast plant has an area of 15 ha which will be the highest production capacity that can reach up to 400,000 tons per year. This plant also can produce the only spun pile of dia. 1200 mm. The other products

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Karaha Geothermal Powerstation

  Description Karaha Geothermal Power Plant is a part of Indonesian Government plans through PGE to utilise its geothermal reserves to strengthen its power industry and reduce geothermal reserves. In spite of having nearly 30,000MW of potential geothermal source, only 5% of it is utilised by Indonesia to meet its power requirements. The project involves

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Silo Semen Padang Indarung VI

Description Semen Padang is one of the oldest cement plant in Indonesia, with production capacity of 7,400,000ton/year from Plant Indarung I, II, III, IV and V. Freyssinet has been involved in numerous project within Semen Padang for the last decade and currently involved in the construction of the new plant Indarung VI. The plant includes

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