Front view of permanent ground anchors  at sheet-pile in East Flood Channel of Jakarta (BKT).           


East Flood Channel (BKT)) construction was began on 2002 with the width of channel varies from 100 to 300 meter. The channel will accommodate the flow of river of Ciliwung, Cililitan, Cipinang, Sunter, Buaran,  Jati Kramat, and Cakung. The catchment area covers approximately 207 square kilometres. The East Flood Channel will be connected to Ciliwung River via tunnel which called Sudetan Ciliwung.



Scope of Works

To accommodate bigger discharge from Ciliwung river, the sheet pile on the both sides of the channel need to be strengthened by installing ground anchors. For first phase, Freyssinet carry out 57 nos permanent ground anchors with capacity of 40 Ton. The second phase will be start on October 2016 with total number is 470 nos ground anchor with bigger capacity (60 Tons). Alll of anchors will be tied by waller beam.


BBWS Ciliwung Cisadane, Ministry of Public Work and Housing

Main Contractor

PT Wijaya Karya – PT Jaya Konstruksi Manggala Pratama  Joint Operation

Years of involvement

May 2016 – Juni 2016