Expansion Joint

Freyssinet expansion joint are designed to allow for continuous traffic between two structures by accommodating any movement in the structure caused by creep, shrinkage, temperature variations and deformation during service.

Freyssinet offers an extensive range of small and large-movement, bituminous, metal, elastomeric and modular expansion joint for road and railway structure


The company markets and installs joints of two main types;

‘CIPEC’ Joints
Freyssinet’s ‘CIPEC’ range of expansion joints are a suitable solution for all structural movements from 30mm to 1,000mm, regardless of the structure in which they are to be fitted and the installation or operating conditions.The range includes:

  • JEP, WR and WOSd joints for Small Movement,
  • Wd joints for Medium Movement,
  • WP joints for Large Movement as well as,
  • Joints of the CIMAC family for car parks.


Freyssinet ‘MULTIFLEX’ joints are flexible bridge expansion joints where thrust caused by the structure is taken up by deformation of the elastomeric parts. These joints are made of moulded elastomer elements, vulcanised and bonded to metal inserts designed to take up the running loads and distribute the attached forces. Supplied in modules of 2 metre (up to the S250 model) and 1 metre (S350), they are installed, connected together with a high-quality adhesive for a continuous, sealed and lasting joint.


Project Reference

Bearing and Expansion Joint