Freyssinet Prestressing, the pioneering system of Eugene Freyssinet, has continually evolved and been innovated on over the years. It now offers the ultimate prestressing system, a combination of high performance and durability.

The Freyssinet system and its anchorages, guides, wedges, ducts and pre-stressing accessories have been proven in structures all over the world… in bridge beams, box girders and decks, building slabs and beams, hangars, silos and a myriad other structures that has benefited from the application of pre-stressing.

PT Freyssinet Total Technology applies the Freyssinet System in the company’s post-tensioning services which has been employed throughout Indonesia.

Freyssinet pre-stressing has been applied in

  • Buildings (Beams and Slabs)
  • Warehouses and Factories (Composite Beam / Slab Assemblies)
  • Bridges (Beams, Portal Structures, Box Girders etc)
  • Storage Silos (Cement and Grain Storage etc)
  • Reservoirs
  • LNG/LPG Tanks

and so on, where the performance and usage of the structure can be enhanced and benefit through the application of pre-stressing.

We undertake both pre-designed pre-stressing work (to an Engineering Consultant’s specification/design) as well as work to our own or alternative design. This latter case is where we or the Client himself thinks that he can benefit in terms of cost-savings.

We are also most pleased to work with you or your chosen Engineer/Consultant from the ground up where the application of pre-stressing in your structure is contemplated.

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