Segment and Beam Erection

Freyssinet is a widely experienced specialist in the erection of precast bridge/viaduct segments by two main methods, viz,

Cantilever Construction where segments, prefabricated in ‘factory’ (casting yard, facilities) are transported by segment transporters to the erection site where they are symmetrically installed each side of the supports using,

  • autonomous equipment, independent of the deck: cranes, gantry cranes etc.
  • mobile handling equipment fixed to the deck: winches and swivel cranes
  • launching girders

Launching Gantry Erection with a launching truss that is completely autonomous. It is fitted with its own generating set/s and propels itself along the structure under construction while bearing on the piers by means of retractable struts fixed to the lifting trolley (as with the system used for the STAR Line of the Kuala Lumpur Light Rail Transit system).