Freyssinet International Safety Week 2016


From the 26th to the 30th of September, the entire Soletanche Freyssinet group mobilised on health and safety questions during the third edition of VINCI Construction’s International Safety Week. All VINCI Construction’s subsidiaries including Freyssinet Indonesia celebrated this event. This year event theme was “Watching Out All Together” and focused mainly on three topics:

  1. Working at Heights
  2. Hand Injury
  3. Road traffic

These topics were selected because these are biggest hazard in Freyssinet scope of work and can create undesirable outcome.

During the Safety Week, Freyssinet Indonesia organised event to raise awareness about the importance of safety and to promote exchanges. All staff from The top management, finance department, HR department, Marketing department and construction department in Freyssinet Indonesia together goes to sites and remind our team about safety especially those three topics.