Pasupati Bridge West Java



This bridge was located at Bandung City , the capital of West Java Province. The cable stay bridge was the part of Pasupati Viaduct which was connect eastern part and western part of Bandung City. The cable stay bridge now become the landmark and the icon of Bandung. The length of the cable stay Bridge is 161 meter and consist of 14 nos of cable stayed  connecting to a single pylon.


Scope of Works

Freyssinet was responsible to install of post-tensioning and cable stay structures.

Freyssinet H2000 Parallel System was used in this project. Over the past 20 years Freyssinet has led the development of the Parallel Stand System (PSS) stay cable. PSS stay cables are now recognized as the most durable of stay cable systems and the Freyssinet PSS cable is recognized as the most durable of all.

In addition the parallel development of Freyssinet high speed cable erection methods has resulted in the fastest of all installations, particularly for the largest cables. The modular nature of the PSS cable enables the cable to be erected and tensioned with light equipment and the erection operations can frequently be carried out off the critical path of the construction cycle.

Main Contractor WIKA – WASKITA – CGC
Designer & Consultant HALCROW – INDEX – LAPI ITB
Years of involvement 2004 – 2005