Fly Over Simpang Surabaya, Aceh

The increased transportation in Simpang area of ​​Surabaya and Banda Aceh cause the need for additional construction of facilities, one of which is the structure of fly over or overpass.

Fly over Simpang Surabaya that already operate is using girder box structure, created using cast in situ method. Freyssinet is responsible for doing a 280 meter post tensioning work consisting of 18 longitudinal tendons and transverse tendons mounted across the bridge with the distance of each tendon being 1 meter. Using the cast in situ method is divided into two segments each along 140 m.

In longitudinal tendons, each consisting of 19 strands with a diameter of 15.2 mm and in a transverse tendon consists of 5 strands of 15.2 mm in diameter.

Owner Direktorat Jenderal Bina Marga Balai Besar Pelaksana Jalan Nasional, Provinsi Aceh
Main Contractor Jaya Konstruksi MP – Brantas Abipraya KSO
Years of involvement 2017