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Karaha Geothermal Powerstation

  Description Karaha Geothermal Power Plant is a part of Indonesian Government plans through PGE to utilise its geothermal reserves to strengthen its power industry and reduce geothermal reserves. In spite of having nearly 30,000MW of potential geothermal source, only 5% of it is utilised by Indonesia to meet its power requirements. The project involves

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Silo Semen Padang Indarung VI

Description Semen Padang is one of the oldest cement plant in Indonesia, with production capacity of 7,400,000ton/year from Plant Indarung I, II, III, IV and V. Freyssinet has been involved in numerous project within Semen Padang for the last decade and currently involved in the construction of the new plant Indarung VI. The plant includes

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